Energy And Related Services Tenders

AlbaniaTenders provides latest updates on tenders from Energy And Related Services. The information is collected from various sources like: Purchaser's websites, News papers and other Albania Government Tenders sites.Subscriber can view and download unlimited number of public tenders, published by various agencies of Albania Government in Energy And Related Services Sector.


ALT Ref No.:  98108208

Deadline:  05 Mar 2024

Liquefied Gas Supply for Cooking

ALT Ref No.:  98016167

Deadline:  04 Mar 2024

Blerje Materiale Elektrike

ALT Ref No.:  98016155

Deadline:  04 Mar 2024

"Purchasing Oil/Gasoil Fuel

ALT Ref No.:  98016134

Deadline:  04 Mar 2024

Gasoline Fuel

ALT Ref No.:  98016132

Deadline:  04 Mar 2024

Fuel Gas

ALT Ref No.:  98016125

Deadline:  04 Mar 2024

New Lot I: "Purchase of Gasoil for Vehicles

ALT Ref No.:  98015982

Deadline:  03 Apr 2024

Purchase of Fuel (Diesel and Gasoline) for Vehicles

ALT Ref No.:  98015979

Deadline:  03 Apr 2024

Lot i Ii-T: "Purchase of Gasoline for Vehicles

ALT Ref No.:  98015977

Deadline:  03 Apr 2024

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